Investore is a marketplace of ceterficate Investment Professionals that connects, through a digital platform, portfolios developed by Investment Professionals with investors interested in growing their money.

Encontramos a los mejores Expertos

We validate the Investment Professionals

We apply our own validation methodology so that the investor knows that he is with the best one, and for the Investment Professionals to have access to a new way of working.

We qualify the investment professionals in 5 easy steps:

  • Review of background and professional experience
  • Telephone interview
  • Data confirmation
  • Have some stock exchange certification

Only the best ones are here!

We gather the best for you

Accessing an expert is very easy, because through simple filters on the platform, the investor can select one according to their needs.

Meet the investment professionals!

Tu Eliges a los Expertos

Investment objectives

All portfolios have an investment objective, which never changes.


Up to 20% in variable income

1 year

Low Volatility


Up to 40% in variable income

2 years

Medium Volatility


Up to 60% in variable income

3 years

Medium-High Volatility


Up to 80% in variable income

4 years

High Volatility


Up to 100% in variable income

5 years

Very High Volatility

Do not settle for the person who assigned you to your financial institution, it is better if you hire the best. Start today and earn more.

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