How to open your account and invest with Investore

Just follow these 4 simple steps:


Register and complete Your Profile

Provide your information to activate and legally open your brokerage account in the United States. We will ask you for your personal information, your identification and your credit/debit card details to pay for your monthly subscription (you can add them later).


Know your investment objective

Answer our questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance. Depending on your answers, we will advise you on a certain investment objective to help you choose a portfolio that best suits you.


Make your deposit

Make a transfer from your bank to your new account in the United States using the information we will provide you.


Select your portfolio

Discover the portfolios we recommend you according to your investment objective. Select the one you are most interested in and your money will automatically be invested in it.

Don't wait any longer: start with the first step, register, complete Your Profile and get ready to start investing.