How does it work

Open your investment account in the U.S. from anywhere in the world

  • No need to reside or have an address in the United States.

  • No need to travel to visit a branch.

  • Invest in USD, one of the strongest currencies.

  • Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

You can start investing with low risk

  • Start investing with our Basic Account, a low risk portfolio focused on capital preservation and protection.

  • Invest in U.S. Treasury bonds, one of the safest securities on the planet.

  • Verify before that the Basic Account is for you according to your objectives and needs.

Created for all types of investors: we help you from the start

  • Answer the questionnaire to find out your risk tolerance.

  • Portfolio rebalancing included.

  • No matter how much you invest, you will always pay the same.

One Fee

For only 4.90 USD per month you can use as many portfolios as you want no matter how much you invest.

See our Pricing for complete details.

No minimum nor conditions

You can invest the amount you want in any portfolios, cancel whenever you like, with no minimum contracts.