Investore, Inc. is registered as an investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Investore, Inc.'s investment advisory services are provided through an automated platform that offers you the opportunity to choose from a number of investment strategies, chosen by both investment experts and Investore to suit your investment and personal needs. Portfolios will only consist of ETFs.

Answer the questionnaire to find out your investment objective. Our system will tell you what kind of objective fits your risk tolerance and show you the portfolios that are right for you. Once you find the most attractive portfolio, add it to Your Portfolio. You can choose a portfolio according to the past returns and risk level of your preference, among other information we show you. The money will be invested in the exchange traded funds included in the chosen portfolio.

To open your Investore account you need to register or login and then go to "Your Profile". You will need to complete your information and upload your official documents.
Once your account has been authorized to operate, you will be able to make your deposit according to the instructions we will provide you with.

As part of the process, you must complete the questionnaire to determine your investment objective so that you can select from the portfolios that are most suitable for you to invest in.

Go to the "Deposits/Withdrawals" section to find out the details of the bank account to which you should make your deposit. Investore does not receive your money directly. You must deposit your money directly to the custodian with whom Investore works.

The cost of your subscription varies depending on how much you invest:

  • -$2.49/month for accounts less than $2,000
  • -$4.99/month for accounts up to $5,000
  • -$7.49/month for accounts over $5,000

(amounts in USD)

See our Pricing for complete details.
The subscription fee will be charged to your credit/debit card each month.

An investment portfolio at Investore is a set of financial instruments designed by an investment professional or by Investore. Portfolios are made up of different ETFs from one or more financial institutions.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Purchasing investment products involves risk. The ETF market can fluctuate substantially over time with changes in the economy and demand for particular products or services. You should be aware that the purchase of securities involves the possibility of financial loss, including the loss of your original investment. Some investment instruments may have greater inherent risks than others.

It’s mandatory for all clients to respond to the questionnaire to determine their risk level and with it your investment objective so you can invest in the portfolios that matches your risk level.

If you decide to reject the recommendation and select a different portfolio with another investment objective and risk level, you will do so at your own risk. Investore will only show portfolios consisting of ETFs.

You can invest the amount you want in any portfolio.

Investore will present you with your balance and returns for each of the portfolios you are investing in. Login and go to Your Portfolio to view this information.

You can request the withdrawals you need. To create a new withdrawal, you must log in, go to "Deposits/Withdrawals" and then create your withdrawal order. Please note that you need to have a balance available to withdraw. If you do not have enough balance, you will have to uninvest from one of your portfolios.
Additionally, the cost to make a withdrawal to an account is 35 USD for international accounts (outside the United States) and 30 USD for accounts in the United States.

You can change portfolios whenever you want. To change your portfolio, you will need to uninvest from the portfolio you are investing in and then invest in the new portfolio.
Keep in mind that when you invest in a new portfolio you will have to pay the professional's fee for the new portfolio.
It is very important that the portfolio you want to invest in corresponds to your investment objective.

There is no fixed term for investing in any portfolio; you can request an uninvestment when you decide.

Your money will be invested in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

An investment objective is the way we classify all portfolios according to the level of risk each one has. Keep in mind that the higher the risk, the higher the return you can get, but the higher the risk and volatility.

It is essential that you know your investment objective. To do this, you must answer the questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance and thus your investment objective. The investment objective will help you to know the appropriate portfolios for you to follow and invest in, depending on your personal risk level.

If you decide to reject the recommendation and select a different portfolio with a different level of risk, you will do so at your own risk.

A return is the percentage of appreciation (gain) or depreciation (loss) that an investment can generate over a certain period of time. All returns are past and cannot be guaranteed for the future as they depend on market conditions. Investore calculates the returns of all portfolios.

Returns are not guaranteed. All investments are subject to the risk of loss, including the loss of capital. Past returns are not indicative of future returns. Consider that the return on the portfolio could vary with the return on your investment.

All ETFs are assigned an asset class from the moment they are created, which is determined by the institution that manages them. In each portfolio we show you the different classifications of the ETFs so that you can know in detail where your money will be invested.

It is the financial institution that manages the ETFs contained in each of the portfolios.

The professionals are the ones who publish the portfolios besides Investore. Investore qualifies them by analyzing their background and personal experience, initiating a telephone interview, confirming the data and requiring that they have some type of certification of financial knowledge.

For further details, please consult our ADV form.
Or send us an email: help@investore.io

Yes, when you no longer wish to have any relationship with the platform, just send an email to help@investore.io with the reason for the cancellation and your account will be closed.