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Investore is the first digital platform that allows you to identify the best investment professionals and invest using their investment portfolios.

Because we identify the best investment professionals globally and put them in one place. In this way, by investing in the portfolios of these professionals, you can obtain higher returns and control your money quickly and easily, since we assure you that your money is invested in the portfolios you choose.

It's very easy: answer the questionnaire to know your investor profile. Our system will tell you what type of profile fits your needs and will show you the Portfolios most suitable for you. Once you have found the most attractive portfolio, click on “View Details” to learn more about it and add it to your Portfolio.

To open your account in Investore you must register or log in and go to “Your Profile”. You will need to provide your information, upload your official documents and that’s it. Then you must add to your Portfolio the portfolios you have chosen to invest in.

Investore does not receive your money; you must make your deposit through the authorized broker. It is very important that at the time of making your deposit, you enter the reference number that we indicate, since each portfolio has a different reference number. This way we can automatically identify the portfolio you chose to invest in.

When investing in the chosen portfolio, you will be charged the fee designated by the professional that will allow you to invest in their portfolio. This fee is a fixed monthly amount between 5 and 15 USD.

You can also opt for a subscription package (Advanced or Premium) in which you will not pay the Professional fee in up to 3 portfolios (Premium) and you will have discounts on the Professional fee when investing in more portfolios, in addition to access to better tools to manage your investments.

Interactive Brokers, LLC (the authorized broker) charges each customer for each operation in accordance with its terms and conditions and includes a minimum monthly activity fee of 10 USD. If the average balance of capital is less than 2,000 USD, the minimum monthly activity rate is 20 USD. Its commissions can be obtained at: Please also read our Part 2A of the ADV form booklet for more information.

An investment portfolio at Investore is a Portfolio designed by an Investment Professional. Portfolios are made up of different ETFs from one or more operators. The Portfolios have indicated an Investment Objective, which lasts the entire life of the portfolio and determines the maximum variable income it will have.

All portfolios have a fee charged by the Professional. The fee is a fixed amount between 5 to 15 USD charged by the Professional on a monthly basis for allowing you to use their Portfolio. This fee is determined by the Professional, based on their experience, knowledge, certifications and more.

Your money is received and managed through Interactive Brokers LLC (, one of the largest online brokers in the world.

The Professionals’ Portfolios are formed by ETFs that are operated by prestigious institutions.

The portfolios returns cannot be guaranteed as they indicate the behavior they have had in the past. Keep in mind that the platform will present you, based on your questionnaire responses to know your Investor Profile, the Portfolios most suitable for you. For this reason, we suggest you respect the investment horizon of the Portfolio in which you decided to invest.

The minimum investment per portfolio is 1,000 USD.

Interactive Brokers LLC ( is one of the most important financial brokers globally. It is a member of NYSE - FINRA - SIPC and is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Investore will present you, in real time, your balance and return of each of the Portfolios where you have invested your money. You will be able to know easily and quickly the performance that your investments have for each Portfolio. Enter with your portal access data and go to the “My Portfolio” section to review this information.

You can request withdrawals twice a month. You should only consider the time in which your resources will be available once you request the withdrawal (Liquidity). To request a withdrawal, log in with your portal access data and go to the "My Portfolio" section. Then identify the Portfolio where you want to withdraw your money from, click on “Withdraw” and follow the instructions.

You can change portfolio when you decide to. To change portfolio, you must click on the “Change” button on the portfolio you wish to change and follow the instructions.

Keep in mind that all the money invested in that portfolio will be transferred to the new one, since we cannot make partial changes.

It is very important that the portfolio you want to change has the same objective as your new portfolio.

Even when there is no fixed term, we recommend you keep your investment for at least the first 6 months, since the portfolios are designed to keep your money for a minimum period of 1 year (in the Conservative objective). This way, your money will generate more money.

It is very important that, before investing, you have very clear your objectives and that you answer the full questionnaire to know your investor profile; this way you will find the most suitable portfolio for you.

Your money is invested in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) that can be fixed income or equity (depending on the Portfolio you choose). We do not invest your money directly in stocks or any other financial instrument.

An Investment Objective is the way in which we classify all Portfolios and indicates the minimum and maximum percentage that the portfolio will have in variable income. Keep in mind that the more variable income your portfolio has, you will be able to obtain higher returns and you will be advised to invest for a longer term, but it will have greater risk and volatility.

The return is the percentage of capital gains (profit) or capital loss (loss) that an investment can generate over a period of time. All returns are from the past and cannot be guaranteed in the future, as they depend on the conditions of the financial markets. Investore calculates the returns of all the Portfolios the Professionals have generated.

The investment horizon indicates the time we recommend you keep your resources invested so you can obtain good returns. The more percentage of variable income your portfolio has, the longer the time it will be suggested to invest in that portfolio.

All ETFs are assigned a classification from the moment they are created, which is determined by the Operator that manages them. In each portfolio we show you the different classifications of their ETFs so you can know in detail where your money will be invested in.

It is the financial institution that manages the ETFs contained in each of the Portfolios generated by the Investment Professionals.

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